Tuesday, January 21, 2014

About this Blog: Let the Noodging begin!

Dear Pip Squeaks,

The snow has transformed the fields into white canvases all around.  Our cozy home nestles among tree sculptures thick with hoar frost, as it has been freezing and foggy for days - a perfect weather recipe for frost.  It is like we are enclosed in our own little isolated world, apart from everything and every one else on Earth.  

Frosty Branch photo
A Frosty Spruce Branch in the Klahn front yard.  iPhone image.

But it is lovely - not merely because of the scenery, but moreso because of the company we keep, in each other.  If we were snowed-in for days, there is no one we would rather be trapped with!  As long as we are with you, we are home, and happy!

Do you know how magnificent and awesome you two are?  We try to tell you this every day.  But do we tell you why?  Well, the list is very long - but here is a mere sampling:

You crack yourselves up on a frequent basis - and everyone around you as well!  You fill the house with (mostly) happy noise, including laughter, joy, energy and enthusiasm for life.  You sing in the kitchen and the bathroom and to the animals.  You have very deep and special relationships with our Menagerie.  You read late into the night - a great problem for parents to have!  You are opinionated, self-reliant in many things, humorous and stubborn- great characteristics to harness!  You love to talk and hear your own voices, and you love to tell descriptive, action-packed, very detailed stories.  You regularly come up with one-liners that leave us speechless.  Your memory is practically photographic for the movies and videos you have seen.  You can 'tell' a whole movie, scene by scene!  Your talent for impersonating actors and copying sound effects is dazzling (especially you, Carson)!  

Amelia, you are a gifted artist, and you have discovered baking and compound bow marksmanship.  

Untitled, by Amelia Klahn, created on the iPad on the Magic Ink app

Carson, you will soon be in wrestling again, you love rifle marksmanship, and you are enjoying playing the drums in the school band.  

Carson takes another great shot!  Fall 2012

You are both naturally gregarious due to a complete lack of self-consciousness, and are impressively impervious to the insensitivities and pressures of you peers.  (Please Lord, may Carson and Amelia remain strong during the upcoming teen years, in their sense of who they are in You, and how they are so deeply loved!)

It is great fun to list the wonderful attributes of you our kiddos, who are two of the most amazing people I have ever known.  At 12 and 10, you are still becoming yourselves, with so many exciting years ahead!  There is so much to do and to learn and to grow into.  We are so proud of you, as any parents would be.

With only a few years left before you 'fly the coop', and time passing at warp acceleration speed, I've decided to add a new way of speaking to you and encouraging you - this Blog.  Consider this Blog to be a packet of letters we've written specifically to you, for you to open and read /re-read as you wish through the years. Letters of encouragement, love, wisdom, and whatever whit I can muster, much like the many writings on the love of wisdom and creativity that my Mom, your Grandma, has written and collected, and given to me and my siblings.  But unlike Grandma, we can take advantage of the Blog format to make these letters perpetually available to you, wherever you may go.  Because we can't tell you in enough ways, or often enough, how magnificent, awesome and loved you are!

With Noodges of Love, 
from Mom.

      Grandma's Lane, early January, 2014